About us

Smeik is a young and independent record label that focuses on releasing exciting and original music, independent of genre. We are eager to face a fast-paced and changing music industry, and are open to Smeik growing in several directions. By opening up for artistic exploration we strive to combine various art forms, allowing for adventurous and innovative collaborations. This began already on our first release in December 2018, with En (Alle) by Nybo/Ravn, that combined poetry and jazz music.

The members of Smeik are a group of young, artistic personas with backgrounds from Larvik, Sandefjord and Stokke in Vestfold county, Norway. Because of this common geographic connection we wish to feature the work of local musicians and artists, creating a outlet for cooperation and cultural development in the area. This does not, however, stop us from broadening our horizons, and we have already released music from artists with backgrounds from other parts of our country.

Smeik has four associated artists that will regularly release their music through the label: Petter Asbjørnsen, Magnus Murphy Joelson, Martin Nodeland and Arne Martin Nybo. In addition, Sigurd Waldemar Mong-Nybo and Ivar Olav Moen work behind the scenes to ensure that the record label is a well-oiled machine.

If you have any questions or other inquiries, feel free to reach us through our contact form. We will answer you as soon as possible.