nybo/ravn: En (alle)

Release date: December 9th, 2018

On this album two completely different artistic worlds meet when Arne Martin Nybo and Ulrik Ravn combine their respective disciplines to create a work of art combining jazz and poetry.

The exciting and innovative musical style of Nybo receives an extra layer of depth with the addition of Ravn’s pensive lyrics - texts expressing emotions, thoughts and experiences from his own life.

Together these art forms complement each other making it possible to show what can happen when two different fields interact and influence each other freely.

By combining modern jazz with contemplative poetry, Nybo and Ravn looks at their respective art forms from new perspectives, showing what possibilities lie are in interdisciplinary collaboration.

The album is available on Spotify, Amazon and iTunes in addition to physical CD.

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Music by Arne Martin Nybo

Text by Ulrik Ravn

Painting by Arne Martin Nybo and Ulrik Ravn

Photograph by Ingeborg Bjerke Styve

Design by Sigurd W. Mong-Nybo


Arne Martin Nybo – guitar

Ulrik Ravn – vocals

Simen Kiil Halvorsen – trumpet

Jørgen Mathisen – violin

Karoline Wallace – vocals

Petter Asbjørnsen – double bass

Per Kamfjord – drums

Raymond Storaunet Lavik – percussion, drum set on tracks 2 and 7

Lars Takla – drum set on track 5

Martin Nodeland – extra guitar on tracks 1, 2 and 3