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Magnus Murphy Joelson

Magnus Murphy Joelson (b. 1991) is a trombonist, composer, arranger, and band leader with a background in jazz studies at the University of Stavanger and the Norwegian Academy of Music. He is an active member of ensembles such as Ojkos, Vestfold Jazzensemble and BenReddik, as well as his own ensembles of various sizes and settings. Some of Joelson’s work as an arranger and composer includes commissioned works for four of Toneheim’s great ensembles, and arrangements for Kringkastingsorkesteret and Dansk radiostorband.

His debut album Skandinavia was released on Smeik in March 2019.


(2015) BenReddik: Gjemsel (iTunes/Spotify)

(2016) BenReddik & Bjergsted Jazzensemble: Festen i det gule huset (iTunes/Spotify)

(2018) BenReddik: Kolibrikamikaze (iTunes/Spotify)

(2019) Magnus Murphy Joelson: Skandinavia (iTunes/Spotify)

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