Arne Martin Nybo

Arne Martin Nybo (b. 1993) has a bachelor’s degree in jazz guitar and a Nordic master’s degree in performance and composition. During and after his studies, he established projects such as Vestfold jazzensemble, The sky opened up and Nybo/Ravn.

His music is driven by a strong connection to the jazz genre, and often combines elements from jazz, rock and occasionally poetry. The music has been described by some as passionate, honest and innovative. Nybo has a deep understanding of his instrument, and has for several years wowed audiences with his technical facility.

In addition to his own projects, he has been a part of Lukas Zabulionis’ Changing Tides, Bjergsted jazzensemble, the newly established OJKOS and written numerous pieces of music for various projects, including Bohuslän, NMH Big Band, Toneheim storband, and several other groups associated with universities and colleges. He has also composed music for dance pieces.

Some of his responsibilities in Smeik include composing, playing, and mixing the music of gorgeous, complex and honest projects.



(2016) BenReddik & Bjergsted Jazzensemble: Festen i det gule huset (iTunes/Spotify)

(2016) Lukas Zabulionis: Changing Tides (iTunes/Spotify)

(2018) Nybo/Ravn: En (Alle) (iTunes/Spotify)

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Phone number: +47 97489646