Petter Asbjørnsen

Petter Asbjørnsen (b. 1990) moved to Larvik with his family in 1994. He was later to be called “the bass talent from Bisjord” in the local newspaper Østlands-Posten. After growing up in Larvik, Petter moved to Bergen where he filled his time as an active composer and bass player in various jazz groups. He also engaged in various underground pop- and rock- groups, and experimental music as well. After finishing his bachelor’s degree at Griegakademiet, he spent some time in Berlin before he started at a master’s degree at Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium in Copenhagen. He finished this degree in 2019.

Central to Petter’s music is his wish to be experimental and explorative. He has been active as a composer for Liberty Pop since 2013, as well as for several other groups such as Pat, Vestfold Jazzensemble, Lekerommet and other project based ensembles in Copenhagen, Berlin and New York.



(2017) Molecules + Erlend Skomsvoll: Louder than you (iTunes/Spotify)

(2017) Lekerommet : Kyllingen som ikke kunne synge (iTunes/Spotify)

(2018) Michael Wallace quartet: Hinterland (iTunes/Spotify)

(2018) Case Kämäräinen: Waiting (iTunes/Spotify)

(2018) Nybo/Ravn: En (Alle) (iTunes/Spotify)

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Phone number: +47 92694881